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Our vision is to be the world’s leading exergaming platform that revolutionises the fitness industry by offering hardware free, personalised, and adaptive exergaming technology.

Even before the pandemic,  40% to 65% of people who enrol for exercise regimes quit within 3 to 6 months primarily due to lack of motivation.  An average gym loses $1 million dollars of revenue annually based on their churn rate. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in gyms operating at minimal capacity or have shut down and 70% of people have cancelled their gym membership. Our exergaming technology enables gyms and fitness platforms to provide exciting gamification features to increase customer retention. The lockdown measures restrict many gym users, but our exergames will allow gyms to offer remote fitness services. Thus, Exergaming Ltd plays an integral role in the customer retention of gym chains and fitness platforms both during and after the pandemic.

Our exercise controlled gaming  (exergaming) technology can track physical activity (e.g. running on the spot) using just cameras on devices such as mobile phones and laptops.  They can adapt the intensity to incentivise players to reach their fitness goals at home and can also be customised to be compatible with any exercise equipment in gyms. We overcome the biggest exercise barriers, lack of time and motivation by using time-efficient high-intensity workouts via enjoyable exergames.

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